Wheel Building & Repairs

For the rough and the smooth…

At GOZZARD Bikes we have 35 years experience in wheel repairs.  Do you have that annoying squeak, squeak, squeak as the wheel passes through the brake pads? Sometimes it can even make it difficult to adjust your brakes properly.

Buckled wheels compromise safety, affect smooth running and efficiency and at the very least spoil your enjoyment of cycling.

Whether you need a wheel truing, one spoke or a full re-spoke, rim or hub replacement we can provide the expertise and hard earned experience that you need and all our work is carried out to the highest standards.

Why not have a bespoke (sorry, couldn’t resist) set of wheels built here at GOZZARD Bikes. Maybe you know what you want or maybe you would prefer to get some advice on a set of wheels suited for your bike and your style.

Hand-crafted wheels built for every type of bike, road, mountain bike, anything in fact! – we take into account your budget, style of riding and type of bike before selecting a component combination to hand build a set of wheels that matches you perfectly. We can do radial, 2, 3 and 4-cross spoke patterns.

We can build a single wheel or a matched pair so why not call us to discuss your requirements and preferences for a brand-new, precision-built, set of wheels.

As a guide prices start at £25.00 for a single wheel; plus parts. Or to dismantle and re-spoke a single wheel (if possible) £30.00; plus parts.  These are guide prices only as the age and condition of your wheels will determine time spent.

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